Company Introduction

" Passion & Tenacity "

We are one of professional companies that pursues the concept of healthy beauty.
To fully realize customer value, we always create competitive strengths of products based on passion & tenacity.

" Think as Win-Win, Act as Win-Win "

Under the corporate philosophy based on mutual respect & faith with customers,

all employees create a product that projected onto actual needs and value of customer.

"  아름다운화장품 핵심 경영이념 "

" ADC Business Philosophy "

Small, but strong

Create a beneficial portfolio with strategic organization.
Targeting domestic & global market with the strongest concept.

Transparent management

Based on the systematic & detailed management,
we actualize the transparent management on the all business sections including a business strategy, technical development, marketing strategy, and manufacturing process.

Professionalization on entire staffs

Foster core players on the core parts of R&D and B&D in order to maximize the synergy effect on the real field of market.